King of Dragon Pass 1.3 update

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 22:51:41 -0800


We've just released an update (to version 1.3) of King of Dragon Pass. It can be downloaded from our web site at <>. (Mac OS 9 users can also obtain it from our iTools public folder, "asharp".)

What's Fixed?
Fixed in 1.2 update (and incorporated into 1.3 update) Shortened description of Great Temples in Tula screen Fixed repeat text in tribute scene, and fixed typo Fixed recommendation in R116
Fixed grammar when clan stops tribute
Fixed grammar in "Ditch War"
Issaries quest can prevent Humakti ambush Improved handling of running out of treasures to trade for Fixed dwarf trader feedback if you don't have Trickster on ring Fixed formula in Humakti ambush

Fixed in 1.3 update
Handle no tribes having kings/queens in endgame Text changes, check for Thadart's family in final scene of sequence Tweaked conditions for gift-giving feedback Prevent huge magic when sacrificing for town Don't crash if every clan likes you
Changed conditions for news about victory Added saga to final victory scenes
Fixed logic so Horse-Spawn News doesn't happen after FHQ No Telmori raid after R390

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