RE: A proto-faq

From: Nils Brobakk <nils_at_...>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:42:45 -0000

Jeff said:
> > > to work; just what is supposed to happen? If I press 'o' on the
> > > opening screen, the tutorial starts.]
> >
> > I've never managed to get this to work either, I've tried
> it on both Mac and PC...
> Nor I. And hitting f1 is bad. Very bad.

Maybe it only works in older versions of the game?

> It happens. Its rare and it doesn't happen when you've thoroughly
> epxlored your tula. Or at least, I've never had it happen to me when
> I've completely explored the place (found a half dozen things or so)

That's exactly what happened to me - I'd explored and found lots of stuff (damn rubble runners! :), my ancestors insisted there was more, and off they disappeared!   


> Ring members have a better chance. And the best chance is
> given to your noble with the best magic. Often wise to put him on the

I have a hunch that says the quester needs at least Very Good in Magic to have a half-decent chance of succeding, and Very Good in Combat is a must to survive any attacks (which occur in pretty much every quest). Hence, the earliest clan event that gives your leaders higher magic skills seems desirable.

Any opinions of the advantages/disadvantages of the different events? The hundred day hunt (I think?) gives your leaders better Animals, Plants, and Combat - seems a bit unfair...

Someone mentioned that you should try to quest in the season appropriate to the deity... I tried Orlanth and Aroka in Storm season (Orlanth being the storm god and all) - Boy, what a mistake! :)

> > > - Some treasures can help.
> >
> > Ooh, which treasures??
> Heort's Stone (but only in desperation) and certain other items that
> will pop up, especialy if you are having terrible luck at questing.

Once I was unable to enter the realm of the gods year after year after year. Had the trickster from a clan I was feuding come to make fun of me...   

> This is true. And spending magic on children may also
> generate a better
> chance of nobles. I've not sat down and tracked this.

I tried this once, it didn't seem to make any difference. But it could just be that I wasn't paying enough attention...   

> > > There is a treasure that can help.
> >
> > Which treasure? Where can I get this? Waant!! ;)
> Orlanth's rattle. It is hard to get but it will give a greater chance
> of heroes in your youngsters.

Cool! So how/where can I find it?   

> Ancestors protect against ghosts and spirit attacks very well.

Except if the ghosts are your ancestors, of course! ;)

Some other handy shrines (for starters): Elmal (Steadfast), Orlanth (Woad), Maran Gor (Earthblood) if you have lots of trouble with raiders.
Issaries (Slivertounge), Lhankhor Mhy (can't remember the name of the blessing, the one that isn't Clan Lore or Lawspeaker), and Humakt (Oath) once you've got your own clan up and running and start improving relations with your neighbors and think about starting a tribe... And obviously Vinga (Pathfinder) and Odayla (Tracking?) before you go exploring.

But it really does depend on your exact situation and your playing style... The possibilities are endless.

> > > Later in the game, either Humakt and Maran Gor or Issaries and
> > > Lhankor My will become very important.
> >
> > Or all of them. :) I tend to build all 6 Great Temples as
> soon as I can, and
> > whatever other shirnes and temples I can support...
> Eeep. No wonder you urn out of sheep.

Heheh... :)

With a Great Temple to Issaries, maximum number of trading parters, and maximum number of crafters, I can bring in 300-350 cows worth of good per year, maybe more. I can *afford* to buy the 150 sheep I need for sacrifices every year.

And don't forget that having a Great Temple not only increases your reputation among other clans, it also gives you an extra point of magic. In my last game, I had 50+ points of magic every sacred time, I just couldn't get rid of it all. Ended up spending 3 points on quests every year, just in case something would come up that required a quest... :)

> > > Q.
> > > OK, spoil me. Where should we explore first?
> > >
> > > A.
> > > The Quivin mountains are quite nice, as are the Dragonewt wilds. A
> > > first visit to the utter west can also be very profitable but is
> > > extremely dangerous. Don't forget your own tula too.
> >
> > Kero Fin. Tarsh.
> Quivin is very good for starters. That is the question. Kero Fin is
> dangerous for beginners. Especially as some of the
> intervening terrian is QUITE nasty.

Hm, never had much trouble exploring Kero Fin, as long as the leader is of a decent quality. The results might not be great, but I think I've only had an expedition disappear completely once (I expect if they disappear, it's because they've been swept away to a distant battle and don't make it back...) Plus, you can get some nice shrines.


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