RE: Re: tribal promises; FAQ

From: Nils Brobakk <nils_at_...>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:51:26 -0000

David said:
> > Shrine: Ancestors, Barntar, Maran Gor, Odayla, Vinga
> I thought Odayla temples were possible (I know we have an illo).

Yup, they are.  

> > Wait for your old ones to die; youngsters will be along in a season
> > or two. Note that only deaths due to old age have this effect.
> No, if you piss off the dwarfs and they come by and shoot half your
> ring members, that would count too.

Sheesh!! Remind me to never piss off the dwarfs... (Though I guess it would be kind of neat to have it in a year when Eurmal demands that you replace half your ring... ;)  


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