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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 11:50:04 -0800

Bryan asked

>Recently I had an event where my weaponthanes came and
>complained that we hadn't raided in far too long,

>I though cattle raids were how
>you kept your thanes from getting bored. Do you
>really need to raid periodically too?

Yup. No blood spilled on a cattle raid! All they do is escort farmers.

>-One of my ring said that if we didn't raid, our war
>magic would get less effective. I know the manual
>says that your war magic doesn't take effect until you
>raid, but I thought a cattle raid was good enough. Is

Cattle raids are mere reallocations of wealth, not battles.

>-They are refering to the sacred time rituals here,
>not the god-specific blessings, right? (or, shudder,
>is it both that will wear thin with neglect)

Yup, Sacred Time magic. Specific blessings aren't affected.

>-Are the thanes less restive about not raiding if you
>switch to being a peace clan?

Yes, since then various rituals let them know what's going on. And weaponthanes in war clans expect to raid more often.

>Which is all to say that I'm glad the ring members
>don't always have predictable or stereotypical
>personalities. I think A-Sharp did a really superb
>job of making the personalities and comments
>appropriately lifelike--mostly predicatble,
>occasionally surprising, and once in a while quite

Thanks. Robin, Rob, and Elise did a great job with my framework. (My favorite advice has to do with "supplicating weasels.")

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