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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 08:52:00 -0500

Some comments to your questions:

Pertti Sarela wrote:
> From: Pertti Sarela <llysarpe_at_...>
> A few questions and a few Things I Would Like To See Updated.
> What is the curse of the sorcereous implenets? My ancectors say they are
> cursed.

They are Sorcerer things. Your people and ancestors hate sorcery. I can think of a lotof things that the curse could be. And frankly, your clan is probably not sophisticated enough magically to play mage-detective. Best trade them away for something useful.  

> Where can you find the dwarves?

In Dwarf valley... But in the endgame, the dwarf problem will present itself.  

> Has anyone ever had a trickster high-king?

Its dangerous but not unworkable.  

> When you select the option "Try to find the shaman and adopt him", has
> anyone managed to find him?

Nope. But his prophecy comes true with apalling frequency.  

> When you form a tribe you get about 100 helpers for heroquesting when you
> wish. Is this considered a favor?

Possibly. But then, they ARE your tribal allies. Have you been giving gifts and generosity? It helps that indebtted feeling.  

> Is half of a ring 3 or 4?

Yes. (grin) I assume its 4. With Eurmal, I take NO chances.  

> Ideas
> Ability to select your default trader/emissary/explorer

I disagree.... the default choice, is, I find, often the best one.

> The too little farmers message should include the amount of farmers we
> need to recruit.

That information is found readily when you go and try to recruit more... check with your clan ring.  

> When someone is between you and your raid target and asking for something
> to escort you through their tula, you should be able to raid them instead
> if they immediately will not allow safe passage.

Not sure I like this.... remember, they will, when intercepting you BE EXPECTING you. That is probably going to be a bad, bloody thing.  

> when you are in the reorganize screen, you may have too many leaders
> starting for example with A-E. This will make them impossible to find with
> the letter organizer. Make it scrollable or something.

Never had that problem in all the games I've played.  

> The Chalana Arroyo rarely ask for anything in return for healing your
> wounded and sick. Is this a bug?

No, its not. And they WILL come back, someday. Be prepared to do whatever they ask!  

> The exploring map should include a way to move instantly to the four
> corners. The scrolling is too slow.

Scrolling give me an exploring feel to the game, and not a 4x turbo kill everything feel.  

> When a case comes before the moot in a tribe, there is rarely any
> description of it. How can you decide who you are going to support if you
> do not know the details.

There are details if you scroll down. And in tribal societies, there really was no information, just what was provided by the (usually lying) plaintiffs. The sagas are full of tales like this...

You have to decide yoruself, usually for political reasons -- that is what everyone else is doing.. Of course, consulting with your ring at this point is usually wise.


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