Re: Re: Questions

From: llysarpe_at_...
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 12:29:18 -0000

I'll just answer to all the reply's in this one post.

About the dwarves:
I've explored nearly all of the map already, except a small area in the far south-west and area's in the north-east, where cragspider lurks, but I've never found the dwarves.

The amount of farmers message:
Firstly, I was talking about the message your best farmer gives if you do not have enough farmers. Even an approximate number would help. I've had several occasions, where I need only few more farmers. Back then I was playing the game without doing a "full install" and it was pretty slow. Now that it is much more fast, it doesn't matter that much to me any more. It would still be useful

The Chalana Arroyo worshippers:
They had healed my sick several times in the course of the game and they had never came to ask for anything. I didn't realize that they would ask one big favor, instead of all of them invidually.

Default Trader/emissary etc:
I've had several occasions where my default is an Eurmali, my king/queen or someone not suitable to handle the dangers of exploring. The defualt is not necessarily the best.

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