RE: Visualizing (was Re: when do I get the windlord?)

From: Devore, Ernest L <edevore_at_...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 15:16:39 -0600

The shape of your tula (mine is a wonderful kidney-bean shape) seems to have no effect on combat... only size seems to matter.

Of course my neighbors from the 'Phallic Shaped Tula' next door get ridiculed every moot.

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Subject: Re: Visualizing (was Re: when do I get the windlord?)

At 02:39 PM 03/02/2000 -0500, KYER, JEFFREY wrote:
>I would also suspect that, unlike a feudal landscape, a clan's tula is
>all one piece -- even if a bit gerrymanderish in places. An intervening
>clan would block the magic off and make it not a part of that clan

I have a tula that actually narrows to a point and then expands to include the tula I liberated from the evil Tree Brothers. Is it more vulnerable? I dunno, but I think I'll act as if it is...


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