RE: Visualizing (was Re: when do I get the windlord?)

From: Nils Brobakk <nils_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 17:21:23 -0000

Last week, Jeff said:
> I would also suspect that, unlike a feudal landscape, a clan's tula is
> all one piece -- even if a bit gerrymanderish in places. An
> intervening clan would block the magic off and make it not a part of that
> anymore.

That's not always the case - if you start with a 'U' shaped tula (with those annoying ducks in the middle) and give away some of your land to a wandering tribe or a splinter group from your clan, they might take the 'bottom' part of the 'U', leaving your clan with two separate bits of tula... Happened to me in my latest game (maybe that's what I get for being greedy and trying to seize as much land as possible :)

What I've always wondered about is the exact nature of the boundaries between clans... Does one clan's borders start exactly where another one ends, or is there some sort of 'buffer zone' between different clans?

The tula graphic gives the impression that I've got fields and pastures circling my settlement, with forest all around the edges, so I've always assumed you've got bits of forest between clans. Now, if I was to cut down all my forest, and one of my neightbors did the same thing, I should be able to see straight from my clan hall to his, and I'm sure my carls would have a hard time keeping my herds away from my neighbor's herds... Or, if I gave away part of my tula (losing both fields, pastures, and forest, which means I can't be giving away just a piece on the edge), again I should have a direct line of sight to my new neighbor... And there wouldn't be much chance of getting ambushed by outlaws if my emissaries and traders were within sight of either my patrols or my neighbor's patrols their entire journey...

So I've sort of wondered if maybe there were extra bits of forests and hills between clans, but if there are, why can't you just claim some of this land when your clan is getting too big...


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