Re: Another Way to Lose the Game

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 14:54:25 -0000

Now, at the same time I ended up with a ridiculous number of weaponthanes. I'd sent off 10 to find us new tribal regalia after some was stolen, then had a few more off escorting trade missions, and had some wounded, so had to recruit for my own protection, then miraculously they all came back and I had 37 weaponthanes in my balanced clan.

The carls mood suddenly plummeted. I thought it was because they felt they were having to support way too many weaponthanes, but maybe it was giving food to trolls? I did the Ernalda heroquest and gave gifts and dismissed around 8 weaponthanes (and let attrition take me down a few more), and still only got their mood up to the mildest of the unhappy states (I forget the term). I believe after another succesful heroquest they cheered up some more, but I don't remember exactly.

As to the "one event resulting in a massive plummeting of the mood of one portion of society" I'd guess the japanese military after the dropping of the first atomic bombs would be close. And frankly, giving food to trolls may be almost that world shattering to your carls. After all, what is the clan--and all those weaponthanes--for if not specifically to keep their food out of the mouths of their ancient enemies, the trolls? I really agonised over that decision at the time, but I didn't want weeks of playing nuked by my sticking to traditions.

Oh, and hey, suddenly it makes sense to me why the tribe claimed that my king had dishonored his ancestors as soon as he was elected! We must still be operating under a cloud from this occurence! Oh s**t, I wonder how long it will take to rectify this gaffe?


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