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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:25:02 -0400

There are some very helpful suggestions in the FAQ which is at (and noted in the footer of the standard letters) but I can try to give some specifics...

"Erica J. Marceau" wrote:
> Hi;
> I started my first game and have been running into some gameplay
> troubles that I hope can be solved by the more experienced players. If I
> forget to add some information that is necessary, please let me know.
> 1) My biggest problem has to do with lack of cows. Maybe I�m sacrificing too
> many for learning magic and quests, but I have been stuck around 500 with a
> population of 1000. This is affecting everything else in the game including
> making alliances, starting trade routes, clan morale, succeeding at quests,
> and the upkeep of my temples. I have a temple for that god that takes care
> of cows, but it�s not enough. Should I just lay low And trade with others to
> get enough cows and not worry about magic until I get more cows?

Make sure you have enough land for the cows. At the Sacred Time screen, click on them to make sure they are not malnourished. Put an Uralda god-speaker on your ring -- thus will allow you to sacrifice for more herd magics.

You could also be over-enthused on sacrificing cows. I try to sacrifice goods first.

Raid for cattle. Cattleraiding doesn't irk the neighbors too much and can often net 20+ cattle each time.  

> 2) Some blind beggar came and said that my clan is ready to start a tribe
> but every time I tried, I failed. So I performed the quest that relates to
> starting a tribe.I admit to cheating and starting over to try and pick the
> right choices. Is there always a right choice for the quests and if your
> guy/gal is good enough then they will work?

Ah, you must do the start a tribe quest before you can really start one -- you DO need the blessings of the gods for such a radical change. Right choice? Not really --- have a high magic and read the legend. Do what the god did in the past. Knowing all the secrets helps.

Emulate and sacrifice to that god before hand. Oh, and having assistants is a god-send, as it were.  

> I always get to the very end where the clan with the name of Dark something
> attacks and I always pick the wrong choice at that point. Can someone point
> me in the right direction about how to pass this part?

Dark? The Trolls attack, I take it?  

> 3) Everything else is okay. I have enough weaponthanes farmers and
> fortifications and pigs and sheep. If I just had enough cows then everything
> would be okay.

Hope this helps.


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