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From: Notelrac Starchasm <notelrac_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 15:46:45 -0000

> 1) My biggest problem has to do with lack of cows. Maybe Iım
> sacrificing too many for learning magic and quests

Quite likely. How many mysteries are you attempting to learn each year? I find that I can consistently gain a mystery once a year by allocating a single point, and sacrificing 7 goods. No cows. Plan to always do it during Dark season.

> I have been stuck around 500 with a population of 1000.

Read the manual; it has a guideline for what Orlanthi think about your herd size.

> the upkeep of my temples.

Didn't know that temples took cattle. They take sheep, and they take goods. Maybe you have too many shrines/temples.

> Should I just lay low And trade with others to
> get enough cows and not worry about magic until I get more cows?

Are you giving away cows to lure carls and cottars to your clan? Are you spending on herds during Sacred Time? Have you built fortifications? (See the manual for why this helps) Some gods insist on cows-not-goods. The rest don't care.

> I admit to cheating and starting over to try and pick the
> right choices. Is there always a right choice for the quests

Past discussions on this mailing list (including one from Dave Dunham) indicate that you can make non-optimal choices during a heroquest and still come out intact. Sometimes, the benefits are not the same.

To find the optimal choice, read the manual about how to get the "details" of each quest story. Copy it down, or at least take notes.

> guy/gal is good enough then they will work?

I tried sending a Issaries female with Renowned magic and Excellent combat on the "Building a Clan" quest. She "flunked out" immediately. I suggest figuring out which god you are emulating, and reduce the cognitive dissonance.

> I always get to the very end where the clan with the name of Dark
> attacks and I always pick the wrong choice at that point.

Yeah, I made the wrong choice, too. The "wrong choice" is to do what Orlanth would normally do. Go read that part of the legend very carefully, and figure out what Orlanth did when the bad guys attacked his tribal moot.

> If I just had enough cows then everything would be okay.

"It's not just about cows"--but cows are important :-)

Carl Hommel

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