Re: and the poor get poorer

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:45:01 -0700 (PDT)

OK, I have just one question, where did you get all this wealth to start spreading around in the first place? You start off with 700 cows, 100 goods, and one trade route. Given that you get raided more than you raid at first I normally lose, net, two to three dozen cows and a couple of dozen goods in the first year from raiding. Recruiting around 8 thanes costs another 24 goods. Plus you are making sacrifices and building shrines for a few essentials (i.e. making sure that we have enough food, since the harvest without any blessing support is pretty marginal, and pathfinder,and some sort of combat blessing). Net effect, by the end of the second year I'm normally down to roughly no goods and under 650 cows, unless I've taken treasure from the dragon. Of course, if I have a strong Ernaldan heroquester, performing Ernalda feeds the tribe for improved crops as early as possible has a huge benefit (stop worrying about crop yield magic AND have food to gift and trade).

Granted, this last game I made it hard on myself by choosing early clan events and gods to awaken with basically no early game utiliy (clan making dance gives you some of the secrets of making the storm tribe, and we awoke Lhankor My). On top of that, we have no decent Ernalda (or Uralda) questers (or even a good clan magician, come to that), so a quick wealth fix through questing wasn't an option. (well, OK, I guess we could have quested for a treasure then traded it away, but that sounds like a very high risk strategy).

Anyway,it sounds like you've hit upon a superior early game strategy. Care to share it? I'd love to have my clans thrive more quickly! (btw, my clan is doing better now, after having mounted some lucrative raids on its one remaining feuding enemy).


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