Re: Re: I did it!

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 09:46:29 -0400

Barry Brenesal wrote:
> > I do believe it is. The closer the benefit is to the original, the
> > better you are. I always have a total failure any time I try to
> > cheer up the Carls with Ernalda Feeds The Tribe.
> I wonder if there are several factors at work. These could include
> the composition of your council; the choice of god you first
> worshipped; 3) the size of worshipping structure you've built to a
> god; the number of sacrifices you've sent to that god; time of year;
> candidate; your tribal actions (how many farmers you've got, how many
> raids you've performed, etc).
> I've no idea how many of the above are included in determining ease
> or difficulty of a quest for any particular god. But I do know that,
> given my own playing style, the Chalana Arroy quest is almost always
> the easiest, followed by Ernalda and Uralda, then Issaries and
> Lhankor Mhy, and finally all the more-or-less warlike quests.

From what Dave Dunham has said, much of that is factored into your success. And, of course, making the correct choices along the way or succeeding in successive challenges. The more you fail, the harder it gets. The farther you drift from the mythic deeds, the harder it gets.

And doing things that are appropos is useful too -- not raiding for a year before a CA HeroQuest seems to be a thought. I usually find the Humakt quest the hardest followed by the Dragonbreaker. And I have *always* loved how the Knowing and Talking God quests are mirror images of each other. I'd bet that the StormBull version of this quest doesn't even notice them...


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