RE: Similarities: KoDP & Genghis Khan II

From: Ernest Devore <edevore_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 13:43:46 -0500

KOEI was the undisputed champion of strategy games according to many fans. The countless hours I spent on Romance of the Three Kingdoms surpasses both KODP and the Civilization series. Now to be fair, KODP was much smaller in scope (a few scattered villages) instead of a huge country and the tactical combat is non-existent.

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Subject: Similarities: KoDP & Genghis Khan II

When I first played Kodp I felt like I was playing *much* improved version of Genghis Khan II.

Has anyone else noticed the similarities with few KOEI games as Genghis Khan II and the great Romance of the 3 Kingdoms series.

I wonder if the GK2 has been giving any inspiration when developing the Kodp. It would not be any shame to Kodp if it would turn out so...

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