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From: Paul Echeverri <gomi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:19:19 -0800 (PST)

>Sorry if this is an old question, I couldn't find it in the FAQ.
>When you go on a heroquest, does the game notice if you've learned
>the "deeper mysteries"? i.e. Suppose I go on the Uralda quest. In
>that game, I've learned the Uralda myth, but not its deeper myteries;
>but I happen to remember the mysteries from my last game, so I can
>give the "correct" answers to the questions.
>Does the game say, "That heroquester doesn't know the deeper
>mysteries, so he has less chance of success"? Or does the game not
>care about whether the "deeper mysteries" dot is filled in, as long
>as I do the right things in the quest?

While I don't have direct from-Orlanth word that this is so, my understanding from various FAQs and personal experience is that it helps, although some of this may just be omen formation. It's also true that Uralda is widely regarded as one of the most difficult heroquests, although Ernalda remains my particular nemesis -- in 8 of 9 attempts, I could not get past the initial challenge. Which, to my great annoyance, the myth makes no reference to or give any aid to -- the first time you run Ernalda, it's a complete guessing game as to what the correct option is. In fact, the first SEVERAL times you run Ernalda, you might still be in the dark, since all options tend to lead to a dead, lost, or "returned to holy circle" quester. Bah.

Paul E.
more of a Maran Gor fellow, but only because Earthblood is so freakin' cool

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