Re: Payback to impossible?

From: jaspire_at_...
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 23:01:52 -0000

Bryan respondeth:  

> I have no problem owing some favors to some other
> clans, but owing favors, possibly multiple favores, to
> everyone in the tribe I can't imagine is healthy. I'd
> think we'd develop a reputation as sponges that borrow
> from everyone else far faster than they needed things
> from us.

Not to all the tribes, surely, but only to a small handful; while in turn, you are owed a roughly equal number. I found, for instance, that when I owed favors and paid them off in excess, my reputation increased, both with that group, and in general. Lacking the opportunity to owe, I would have no ability to show my generosity, an important trait of leaders.

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