RE: Why KoDP is not popular?

From: Milos Rasic <mrasic_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 23:40:18 +0100

> This is my first post here.
> I've been playing KoDP only a month, and this is the second
> time I am shocked by a PC game intelligence ( Brian Reynlods'
> Alpha Centuari is the only game of this class I can think
> of). In fact I think KoDP is the first fresh idea in gaming
> since Civ. However, unlike Civ, SMAC etc, KoDP remains
> largely unknown. My quesiton is :why? What happened? There
> aren't even reviews or any info on large gaming sites like
> Gamespot, Avault etc. I myself accidentally found out about
> it on EU forum
> (http://www.europa-> ).
> Although EU is a great
> game on its own, I find KoDP much more involving and
> non-trivial experience. And now compare their forum and this
> board: 13,400 members vs. 222. Another example is
> site. They had great influence on Civ gaming in
> general. (Yes,I understand direct comparison is not quite
> smart thing to do, but it does provide general picture).
> Anyway, I do think KoDP can be as popular as Civ, provided
> better 'advertising',better website and appropriate forum.
> That could make KoDP2 reality.. Thoughts?

It's simple. No moving parts. Most of people would be ashamed if someone saw them playing games without moving parts. It's KeWeL to complain that your KeWeL $2000 video card is not good enough for the KeWeL game your are playing.

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