Failing to make a tribe

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 13:44:19 -0800 (PST)

Has anyone ever failed at tribe making and kept on playing? Do you get another chance?

I�m running a game where I�m trying to avoid re-loads, and for the first time in all my games, I could not get a tribe agreed to. We encouraged concessions, gave cows, gave treasures, and still no deal.

I did re-load (went back to the beginning of the tribe making as a matter of fact). Now, I think I know why we may have had problems, we had the bizarrest set of neighbors, all either dedicated war clans (we border the raiding clan, the vingan clan, the war rock clan, and the storm bull clan, and the Elmali clan and the �reformed� bandits clan are just beyond them) or complete peace clans (the cooking, sage, pot making, and trading clans must be taking a beating from raiders!). The peace clans probably don�t like making sacrifices to strengthen war and the war clans probably don�t like making sacrifices for peaceful purposes. When I re-played I changed which clans we recruited and which concessions we made, and succeeded the next time around. But it bugs me still....if we�d carried on after failing, would we have had a second chance to try and make a tribe? I'd only committed one other blantant re-load (upon failing to get the silver dragon, which I'd made a condition for playing out the clan, given a not very favorable starting position), so this doubled the impurity of any eventual victory :-/


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