Re: Failing to make a tribe

From: kentcave <kentcave_at_...> <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 17:48:50 -0000

In my last game.. I purposely antagonized the tribe that I myself personally bring about, yet they refused to kick me out and instead seems to be happy to see the last tribe that provide the King leave when its due time.

I only got the chance when the False Queen appears and instead of supporting my tribe on behalf of her, I got the perfect choice of Quitting from my Tribe.

Sure enough, in a couple of years I was swamped with the requests and suggestions to join the other tribes. I choose Colymar in the end after 3 delays and 1 rejection. I went and became the Queen of my Tribe and provide the QoDP too.

PS. I was shocked to see sooooo many variations of the paths that we *can* choose in the False Queen side-story.

I always choose the *wrong* answers now to see what strange and alternate happenings will arise from those random or not-so-random events. My jaw hurts from being dropped too many times hehe.

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