Re: Re: Cool and Rare events..

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 06:57:18 -0800 (PST)

> > > hehe. Another event was a strong delegation from Colymar tribe
> > > come asking for tribute, they were standing on top of a cliff,
> > > with pink sky.. (somehow strange to accept that I had never
> gotten
> > > this scene before, perhaps this time because I intrude too deep
> > > into Colymar teritorry)
> >
> > Seen it before. Very irritating.
> YEAH, now I keep getting it and it seems that we really CANT win
> over them. Sigh..

This is one of the worst events to get early in teh game, because they come back at least once a year, if not more often, and keep asking for more and more.

The only real solution is to flee to a tribe. You could try and join them I guess (I've never tried that), or else make your own as quickly as possible.

The two to four year route to starting a tribe, almost no matter what your clan condition is.
1. Obviously learn the making of the storm tribe, and if possible its deeper secrets. You may have to make many mysteries sacrifices, more than you have magic for, going through a lot of goods and cows, but this will be cheaper than paying tribute all the time.

2. How good of a quester do you have for this quest? If not good, use a favor to bolster your magic, use a favor to get supprot for the quest, and use your best bet to strengthen the quester.

3. How is your reputation? If not right up at the top couple of notches on teh sacred time screen, do the quest to improve your reputation. (the next year if you had to quest at 2)

4. Do the quest to get Orlanth's blessing for making a tribe. (the next year if you had to quest for 2 or 3)

5. The blind prophet should show up soon at this point. Immediately begin assembling a tribe. Choose to try and make peace with a feuding clan if the clans around you are not generally friendly.

6. You don't need a lot of clans, and the tribe making is more of a sure thing with a smaller number. So only go for five clans, and avoid the most difficult clans. Offer as much gifts as you can afford, so that you have to make less concessions.

I've used this route a couple of times, I think my earliest tribe was 1335. I entered the tribe flat broke and with unhappy farmers and very little in the way of shrines built....but with tribal support was able to recover pretty quickly.

For the salmon man, it is one of my favorite events! I think it happens more often if you have the sea as your ancient enemy, but not sure. One time by accident I clicked teh wrong choice, and we did the ritual ourselves instead of supporting him. I sent a 67 year old Challana Arroyan with mostly mediocre abilities, but heroic magic, and he did it, so if you try it yourself I think magic is the key.

The other event I really love is the Ralian chariot riders showing up. Play it right and you get two treasures, some magic, and rid of a useless leader :)

> > > I once saw a picture of an event at a-sharp site that shows hmm
> > > not clan, but more looks like a tribe looking over a plains from
> a
> > > gorge in a mountain (that looks like Grand Canyon) seems like
> > > waiting for an enemy attack. I was told that its a war between
> > > tribes.. I had not seen this event, its all painted in red. I
> >
> > Tribal wars are not that hard to get - I seem to have gotten it
> many
> > times, if I play a bit aggressively. Can't remember what the
> > graphics are though,

I've almost never gotten tribal wars. Even when I've totally stolen the tula of two clans from the same other tribe one time. I'm not quite sure what teh trigger for that is. Maybe it is if you argue to make war on another tribe when you first here of them? I don't really know.


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