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From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 16:51:17 -0800 (PST)

> The "Myths" section of the game

First of all, you need to know the myth obviously. Four of them (ernalda, elmal, uralda, and making of the storm tribe) have two levels of know the myth, and knowing the second level of secrets makes it easier to succeed.

Other things that will help:
- clan magic, the higher the better. Seven is usually enough to give you a fair chance. 1 or 2 is risky, 0 or negative don't even try. This can be quite hard to arrange, but don't forget that you can ask for magic from those who owe you a favor. - support, it is good to call in a favor or ask an ally to help you. There are times this isn't needed, but early on it is very wise. - quester, the game nominates the member of the right cult who is highest in one of the relevant skills, but that doesn't always mean they are the best quester, or even if they are the best available, it might not mean that they are good. Generally you want to be good in the skill(s) relevant to that god (plants for ernalda, bargain for Issaries, etc), but also read the myth, it may give you ideas of what other skills are helpful.
- sacrifice to the god in the seasons before the quest (so that the sacrifice flame shows up next to the god on the magic screen). - put magic into quests in the sacred time (it helps to have a trickster on the ring, as you can then put in more quest magic) - put sacred time magic into things that god is apt to care about (crops and children for Ernalda) and don't put sacred time magic into things that god is opposed to (war for Challana Arroy, healing for Humakt)
- Some quests are harder than others (everyone has their own list, but I'd say Humakt and Uralda are the hardest, Maknig of the Storm tribe is the easiest), and for any given clan some will be really hard, since you may not have a good quester, while others may be especially easy because you have a great quester.
- Strengthening a quester on one quest may help them with another (if you strengthen on the Ernalda quest, it helps leadership as well as plants, which then makes Making of the Storm Tribe easier, etc). - each god has things that they care about, and doing those before the quest probably helps. A lot of this is guess work, but sending diplomatic and trading missions for Issaries, not raiding for Challana Arroy, raiding for Humakt, cattle raiding for Orlanth, are some of the things to think of.
- Some of the gods are rivals. The quests tend to be harder if you are supporting the rival god more strongly. Again some of this is speculation, but the likely pairs are Issaries vs Lankhor My, Challana Arroy vs Humakt, Uralda vs Urox.

> >
> > Also, how to I form a tribe?! I have about 6 Alliances...shouldn't
> > that be enough? There is nothing to click that says "form a
> > tribe"?
> >
> Forming a tribe requires 3 things:
> A few allies (least important)
> Performing the Orlanth Makes the Storm Tribe heroquest (must be done
> at some
> point)
> Having the reputation of a "King" (Blind Seer shows up after that
> point)

The repuation is that vertical scale in the sacred time screen, next to where you put in your magic. Eventually the blind seer will show up and suggest you make a tribe, but you need to do Making the Storm Tribe to get Orlanth's blessing. It is possible that the seer won't show up until you've done at least one heroquest, I don't know.

I hope this helps.


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