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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 08:53:44 -0800

>Any chance the download version could go via someplace like Manifesto
>Games? A lower profit margin, but it would let them deal with the
>digital download headaches.

You guys are making some assumptions, such as that there is a download version. (The game as shipped required a CD in the drive as you may recall -- this is problematic with a download!) We've spent some effort trying to create one, but the development software is over 7 years old, and some glitches have surfaced...

In fact, we would be working with Manifesto.

>David, I realize that it would not be economical to reprint the box and

That's a GOOD assumption.

>but is there any chance that the contents of the manual could
>be added to the CD, and a 'CD only' version would be made available for
>sale? (or even burn the manual onto a second CD, if that were easier).

We're currently offering to burn a CD and download the manual. I guess I keep hoping we can solve the technical problems and send everyone to Manifesto, which is why I haven't given this more publicity.


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