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From: suportgiathainguyen <giathainguyen_at_...>
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 18:12:09 -0000

Talking about KODP2 and wishlist

I would like another aspect of diplomatic: marriage. When my clan is a trader-hub, at least my best bargainer (or my trickster) should know a list of notable potential boys and girls in other clans. They should be from my neighbors, my trade partners, and my allies. I should be able to marry them off to seal the alliance, or to gain another noble with desired patron-god. Their stats need not be good, either. This option could be insert neatly into Emisarry/offer marriage.

Another aspect is big, BIG clan. when a clan's population is over 4000, for example, I would like my number of nobles increase compare to before. I mean, currently, the list is about 16-20, with the usual population of under 2000, average 1 per 100. that ratio is fine, but when we take the numerous trouble of increase my clan population I would like a lil reward for those troubles, yes? Is "1 per 20" sound okay to you?

MOre profession-related events. Like when we explore the land of other clans, a Trickster, or Chalana Arroy will notice boys and girls for marriage list above, Vingan or ORlanth will notice military details, Issaries will notice treasure for sales and the details of herds... There may be a minimum requirement of stats, like excellent and upward, for example. There should be more incentives for investigating the known lands, yes?

more branching events. Those feuds between traders, Urox warriors, or neighbours... should be a bit more branching.

The option to dispose of our current King/Queen. I mean, sending off those nobles toward troll lands or bull lands is fine and good, but the King/Queen wont go out carelessly like that. And sabotaging tribe's mood is too long. There should be a way to kill him/her nice and quick.

Th option to send emissary to other tribes' moots, to demand surrender, tributes, truces, alliances, to declare war. ALso option to send emissary to other clans to demand surrender/absorb (when you dislodge a clan about 2 times, and it has to relocate to the swamp, for example)

A bit too much to ask, really. But we are talking about KODP2 here, not update.


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