Re: Jeff's analysis of the Whitewall sources

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 20:51:52 +0000 (GMT)

> But yes, compare the Storming of Karse with the
> Heartlander Bat assault on
> Whitewall. "Dragonewts, hired at inhuman cost" (or
> was that Boldhome?

It was Boldhome, FWIW.

> > At this point, Broyan is "the last Orlanthi" king.
> I assume that he
> > is mythically identifying himself as Vingkot - the
> sole king of the Orlanthi.
> That smacks of Lokamaydanism, with all the negative
> consequences. If
> Broyan really accepted this place in the Lunar
> scheme, then the entire
> Iceland trouble is as much his fault as it is
> Tatius'.

Causes a problem, then fixes it: that's very Orlanthi. I'm not sure if it would in fact have been a good idea or not, but it sounds like a plot-line to explore.

> > I know it was once assumed that Broyan and his
> companions defeated
> > the Crimson Bat by teleporting atop him and
> killing its priests.
> There is also a very graphical version of aerial
> combat over Whitewall
> from Tom Zunder's game:

A Sky Bull! Wow! Let's get that in there if we can, then.

> If there is a heroquest about dealing with the Bat,
> it would be Arkat's
> victory over the earlier incarnation of the Bat
> (leading to its being
> skinned) in Ralios, a myth probably well known in
> Kethaela as well. Send
> in Black Arkati for a key role...

Well, I *don't* know that myth: if it's been written up, any chance of a reference or a summary?  

> And I can't help viewing this as a magicked-up
> Broyan dangling on Tatius'
> fishing line having swallowed both bait and hook by
> assuming the Vingkot role.
> A real learning experience for Kallyr, who uses the
> same method on Tatius
> four years later at the Dragonrising.

The same method? Assuming the Vingkot role? Sorry, you lost me there. She hijacks a Lunar ceremony and has words with a dragon: I don't see any parallel?

> I know of no "Orlanth held out the siege" myths
> other than Starkval
> defending Aedin's Wall. ...

Elmal's the Orlanthi expert at holding the fort, surely? (And Vinga to some extent). Do we have any notable Elmali in on the action as yet?  

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