King Broyan

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:33:51 -0800

> He worships Vingkot as a god, not as an Orlanth subcult. Pretty
> esoteric. His Orlanth is Dead stats make for interesting
> reading. 'Kots Balls' s his favourite expletive, apparently. Despite
> this his actual stats are pretty vanilla - though high powered -
> combat, leadership, inspire, loyal to followers, heroic escape. He
> has a Gale Umbroli called Graywind and a cluster of wind daimons -
> hence the ever fluttering clothes.

Who wrote up his stats? Robin? I think it would be useful to get them involved in this project.  

> I'll list his followers here because they'll no doubt be fairly
> prominent throughout the seige.
> Lyzal Beater, Initiate of Maran Gor
> Ingard Rabbitbane, Devotee of Tatouth
> Iskalla Kingsguard, Devotee of Bevara
> Nothing here that screams Lokamayadon to me.

Trust me. Broyan isn't Lokomoko. He's more Rastululf than Lokomoko and more Vargast Redhand than Vanak Spear.  


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