Re: Larnsti and other topics

From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 19:10:44 -0000

> I'd forgotten about Jorkandros; can I pick people's brains about
> we know (or will happily speculate, just as good) about him in
> and what he's up to in 1619 in particular? Is he directly
> with the Assiday lot, or is he a different flavour? What
contingent of
> DH forces are active in the 1619 invasion?

I know diddly-squat about Jorkandros. I think he should be of a different flavor with the Assiday lot - probably an old campaigning associate of Fazzur and the Provincial Army. Probably not really privy to the full details of the Kill Orlanth project. He handles the siege of Whitewall like Runegate (which was a well run operation, but not of major mythical signficance), runs into surprising resistance - which triggers Kill Orlanth. Tatius gets him removed and installs himself.

> > What intrigues me is what myth are the Lunars trying to
> > When was Orlanth (or Rebellus Terminus) killed in DH myths?
> Doesn't Shargash kill (or bind?) Umatum or some such cognate(ish)
> entity? Close enough for mythic work.

No - Shargash breaks Umath who then becomes bunches of storm gods. Different myth altogether IMO. Not what the Lunars want. They want to kill RT. Maybe this is a new, novel Lunar-DH myth?


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