FOUNDATION DOC: Forces and Numbers

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 06:11:19 -0000

In the files area of this group

there is an excel spreadsheet file called siege_forces.xls

It details my estimates for the approximate number and composition of Lunar and Heortling forces at key moments in the campaign.

The file has just been updated after list discussion. (Uz downplayed, Kitori references removed).

I don't consider myself a Whitewall expert, but have put this document together to give us a base for discussion. Does the general play of forces 'look right' given the situation? Are there important additional groups I should include? Am I off by an order of magnitude?

These are my assumptions:

Most human military activity is restricted to a summer campaign season that extends from late Sea, through Fire, and into early Earth). At other times of the year, sowing and harvest, the conditions for travel etc. severely limit activity.

The snapshots capture approximate numbers at the start of the Lunar invasion, when the siege is first in place, and then each off-season and campaign season through to the fall.

Basically, Broyan's bat blat galvanises the defenders. In early Sea Season 1620, the blue arrow goes out ( a call to defend the gods), and volunteers flock to defend the city from Sartar and beyond. The summer of that year is one of high heroism and hero duels. When Kallyr leaves in Dark 1620, there is a growing realisation that the end must come. The flood of volunteers dry up and the Lunar buldup continues inexorably till the final assault in Dark 1621.

Bryan's Larnsti are fixed in number, as described in OID. Members are automatically replaced.

The Volsaxi Fyrd & Broyan Supporters decrease steadily over time. They were fully stretched from the very beginning.

The Orlanth Temple remains fixed; it is incredibly high powered and godar flock to defend their god. Members are automatically replaced.

The Heortling Defenders rise sharply in response to the blue arrow calling, but taper off when Kallyr leaves.

Kallyr's Band basically follows their leader, though at Kallyr's command several heroes stay on to support Broyan to the very end.

I've reduced the number of the City Uz & Mercenaries, and removed all Kitori references. They are most active (and most valued) in Dark Season.

More and more defenders flee the city as 1621 progresses.

For the Lunars, this trend is reversed. After the invasion blitzkrieg, Fazzur initially wants only a holding force to keep the rebels in - he needs as many as possible to secure conquered Heortland. With the bat blat, everyone is galvanised, and political pressures mount to bring an end to the siege. Numbers are increased in 1620, but are matched by the influx of Heortling volunteers. The College of Magic arrives and the game changes again. A massive build up of troops right through Fire, Earth and Dark 1621 leads to the final victory.

The Transient Lunar Allies have little stomach or capacity for sustained warfare, and their numbers steadily diminish, though they too are pressured into the final buildup.

For Dragonewts I have no sources, but have imagined two instances of mercenary involvement.

The Lunar Baggage Train swells as the siege progresses and the camps become towns in miniature. There is also a continually growing flow of upper class Lunar advisors, courtiers and spectators.

If we agree on the broad sweep of numbers, we can over time break them down further into cavalry infantry, magicians... particular units and bands.

I'll take comments and suggestion on this until friday, and move to amend the draft next weekend. If there's a strong divergence of opinion on anything, I'll set up a poll.



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