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Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 18:28:16 -0000

I'm relatively sure that the Yuthuppans had one of the origional Stone Phalanxes although it might of been one of the ones that has been wiped out - Yuthuppa always seems to be first on the list when the Pentan's come-a-callin'. They've had to rebuild those topless towers quite a few times.

> I'll also pass on a note to Martin to say that his Lunar
> might be timely! :o)

It is not propaganda, just balance. If you tell him that we are getting the Shargashi involved he'll come running... (I still have occasional nightmares about his Shargashi character, although my Buserian was, arguably, more bloodthirsty.)
> Interestingly, Martin has Mark's excellently described Comet Seers
> (see MoLaD p. 56) as being Yuthuppan, if that's of any use to
> interested in celestial and magical support.

Damn, now I'm going to have to get MoLaD. But why not put them there for at least part of the siege - it is always good to bring in published work so that people get to use as many of their books as they can.

> However, *most* importantly, this allows the key element: colour!
> being restricted to single corps as tactical units allows us to
> and match the best and most interesting Lunar units into a
> whole. The final assault on Whitewall post-Bat would naturally
> require the Imperial commanders to amass elements of their best
> most adept forces, in a manner of assault which would favour small
> parties culled as the elite from various regiments.

I heartily second this! Why should the lunars be less colourful than the Orlanthi - they certainly have more varity to draw from. It also allows lunar PCs from no matter where to be easily integrated.

Oh yes, talking about drawing on published (albeit non-canon) sources I formally suggest that Prince Orontes (nephew of King Moriades) from the excellent Tarsh Wars make an appearence in the "Nobles Courtiers Spectators" category. We know that he was with Livius Thrax in 7/48 (or 1619 in barbarian reconing) but he could certainly turn up in 7/49 or 7/50 for the spectacle...

> > I do think that there should be a small company of light cavalry
> > a quick reaction force to any breakout attempts and to make any
> > smuggling or small raids a lot harder. Probably not the Char-
> > however as we know that the surrounding tribes are pro-lunar and
> > years with a Char-Un regiment "foraging" in the area would soon
> > an end to that! Perhaps some Sables?
> If you're interested, an elite group of pith-helmeted Caladran
> Bongo Riders would happily hire themselves out after the problems
> the Holy Country... what... no? Okay, I'm going now, but I just
> thought I'd offer...

I knew something was missing! John, where are the ducks????


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