Re: FOUNDATION DOC: Forces and Numbers

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 17:40:58 -0000

Hi folks,  

> I think the core of the troops should, for the most part, and
> certainly at the beginning, be DH types. I think that Jorgandos as
> a DH (and IMHO) Polaris-type would be happiest with a phalax or
> two. Which was the Phalanx based out of Yuthuppa again - Beryl?
> (Where is Martin when you need him!)

Is Martin subscribed to this list? I'm a poor substitute, but have enjoyed military discussions with him: from Martin's notes I can't see a Phalanx based in Yuthuppa--the Beryl's are in Darleep--but I'll scour and can see what I find. The closest infantry I could see was the Elz Ast Line, and then the Jerenthos Spearlords. The latter are hoplites are Khordavic vintage, but Lunar in religion.

I'll also pass on a note to Martin to say that his Lunar propaganda might be timely! :o)

Interestingly, Martin has Mark's excellently described Comet Seers (see MoLaD p. 56) as being Yuthuppan, if that's of any use to people interested in celestial and magical support.

> Of course when WW becomes much more important and Tatius takes
> control I see much more of the lunar characteristic of the army
> comming into play. Possibly a few of the heartland corps get into
> the act, I've always liked the steel swords so wouldn't mind seeing
> them get a look-in.

I agree and think this bang on, but would like to add one key facet in the success of Lunar military doctrine: the vexilla (to use the feminine Lunarised case!). Flexibility, strength... and magic!... are all enshrined in the Lunar mixed formation.

However, *most* importantly, this allows the key element: colour! Not being restricted to single corps as tactical units allows us to mix and match the best and most interesting Lunar units into a wonderful whole. The final assault on Whitewall post-Bat would naturally require the Imperial commanders to amass elements of their best and most adept forces, in a manner of assault which would favour small parties culled as the elite from various regiments.

> I do think that there should be a small company of light cavalry as
> a quick reaction force to any breakout attempts and to make any
> smuggling or small raids a lot harder. Probably not the Char-Un,
> however as we know that the surrounding tribes are pro-lunar and 3
> years with a Char-Un regiment "foraging" in the area would soon put
> an end to that! Perhaps some Sables?

If you're interested, an elite group of pith-helmeted Caladran Duck Bongo Riders would happily hire themselves out after the problems in the Holy Country... what... no? Okay, I'm going now, but I just thought I'd offer...



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