Re: Enter, The Bat

From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 05:45:20 -0000

> > As to the debate over whether the Lunars' goal was
> > "enslave" or "kill" Orlanth, surely this was a divided
> > question even in the empire, with four camps forming:
> I like this approach, and it details my own suggestion a post or
> back.

As my post a few minutes ago suggests, I am on board with this approach as well. Part of the problem is the word "Lunar" - it suggests a degree of unity that isn't present. There is no single "Lunar" strategy - just as there is no "Heortling" strategy.

> If anyone had the big picture, or the highest level possibilities,
> would be Tatius. Its a game of chess. And the Orlanthi temple is
> majorly packed with ultra high level priests and heroquesters, who
> are surprisingly good at foiling exploratory quests and rituals,
> of launching some surprises of their own.
> But everyone is inexorably getting drawn into a very big myth, one
> which very few of them completely understand.

I fully agree with this.


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