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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 13:55:47 -0000

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>>> For that matter, where did the lunars get sailors >>> for 20 ships?

>> Could they have hired the Wolf Pirates?

There are sufficient other sources for ships as soon as one has agents in the port cities.

Port cities are notorious for their rivalries, even if formally allied. On the other hand, ports trading with the Lunar Empire would hate to see Lunar presence directly at their flank. I'd vote for some traders from the Quinpolic League, Rhigos or Handra leasing the ships and crews for this venture - think Genuese and Venetians transporting crusaders.

Maybe even Vadeli. The promise of some monopoly trade access to the Empire (or at least to Tarsh) should do the trick.

>> Probably a daft idea, I know, but at the very least >> some junior Lunar officer should suggest it.

Would you listen to the advice of any officer that has been stationed in Corflu?

> Hey, WW is already a mess!
> If we put in Gunda and her boss, then one would wonder
> how could Kallyr survive until 1630 ;)

> Seriously, the wolfies are far from shore, waiting for
> sharpsword and the cradle to pop out (two years later)
> of the northern horizon and crash in their middle!

But it has been three years since the last major raid. The Rightarm Isles get raided regularly (and even more stronly in 1620).

> They aren't interested in coastal Prax, as far as I
> know

Gunda the Guilty once swam into the port, had a look at the market, and swam off again while Biturian Varosh visited. Doesn't look like they took the Corflu venture seriously.

> and they already pillaged the best part of the
> holy country. A passage would cost too much even for
> the Imperial Commodore.

Yep - these guys don't go for trading privileges, which are cheap to grant (but expensive to keep, ask Richard Lion-hearted how the German Hanseatic merchants received an extra-territorial district in London).

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