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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 18:36:29 -0000

an Cooper
> I do not want to put off the geologists from searching for a
> baseline from the real world, (hell I picked a baseline from the
> real-world for geography to provide some rationality when doing
> DP:LoT), but just to note that Greg was keen to point out during
> that project that Gloranthan geology is as much a feature of mythic
> history as natural history. Around DP the mountains all have
> stories. So we might want to think what the mythic story of the rock
> at Whitewall is at the same time. And of course there may be still
> be a landscape daimon associated with the rock too.

Sure. It helps to know what properties the rock has when determining the daimon, myth, etc.

My "quartz brick" approach might for instance be the thinned blood of whatever dead or sleeping divinity made the foundation of Destor's Hills, brought up by one of the mythical agents. I'm open for other suggestions with other material, and willing to offer mythical kernels for mine.

And we do learn something about the area by tossing theories back and forth.

I have no idea how to produce a draft map of the closer area of Whitewall by consensus other than have someone offer a first draft. Are there any graphical tools we could borrow, e.g. from computer games?

The picture I have so far about Destor's Hills is a range of hills without many dramatic rock formations, mostly rolling. Bare rock appears to be fairly rare, the land is used as summer pasture or huntland. Forestation is quite loose, and the higher slopes tend to be  meadow or heath rather than forest. There might be some bogs, but I don't see them as dominant feature of the region.

The higher valleys should be arable, but allow for only small steads.

The - yet nameless - central peak of the range probably has one of the Destor campsites, preferably on the plateau which has the (would-be) city. Chosen possibly because Destor was stalked that time, and wanted a place where he wouldn't be surprised in the dark.

The "peak" could be a longish rounded back of naked rock (not necessarily as white as the plateau) sticking out of the vegetation. An old, weathered hill, nothing spectacular. There might be a beacon station near the summit, visible from all Markdale, Northvale and Dreven Vale unless the clouds are really low.

The plateau might actually be a gentler slope atop and below a lesser cliff each. The sheer drop on the sketch could be there at some places, but shouldn't be the norm. There ought to be neighboring hilltops just out of extreme bow range (taking into account most archery magics the Dara Happans have) which might be occupied by small Lunar battlements.

The main access to the plateau logically should be covered by the fortress. Lesser and harder climbs could lead up onto the plateau (especially when aided by ropes or stairs provided by engineers), so that we can have some fighting outside of the keep and city - sallies out of the back gates so that the attackers don't entrench themselves there. Hmm, possibly half a step lower than the actual plateau of the city.

The citadel could occupy an outcrop of the peak - very much like Minas Tirith. Running up and down the peak in a charge ought to require magic on par with flight magics. Careful descent on a path to a back gate might be possible, and ought to see player hero action.

Ok, now please disagree constructively...

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