Re: A Stab at the Geology

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 18:54:55 -0000

Stewart Stansfield invents "adults only" geology:

> I apologise for this, but there is one other suggestion for forming
> the quartzite, which while embarrassing to state is nevertheless
> important in our own world's myths. And that is the since cooled
> <ahem> burning seed of the gods. Vestkarthen was a firey, randy
> bugger afterall...

> That matches your hot hydrothermal injection idea, Joerg!

Indeed. Now how do we combine this with Jeff's request for Orlanth's responsibility?

Also, how do we match Orlanth's being responsible with the hills already there when Varanorlanth led the Discovery Band back to Motherland?

Not all hills need "Orlanth slew X" as their reason. This might for instance be a place where Varanorlanth prepared one of the Five Majestic Beasts as part of his fishing trip for the Devilfish (like the remains of one of them).

(Although I must say this is one of my least favourite myths from TR - Varanorlanth sets out to get a shag, and instead ends up going fishing?)

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