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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 14:23:15 -0800

> Yep. And this is something that Broyan fails to
> do. Like
> Harmast, he may have screwed up some aspects of his
> heroquests.
>e could have our cake and eat it here. Yes, he needs
> heirs. But he has a Curse (and where did that come
> from?) that all his sons will pre-decease him. Or, all
> his children: depends on whether you want him to be
> able to pin his hopes on a daughter who of course dies
> anyway.

Maybe this is part of the impetus for trying to identify with the Kodigvari - to reinvigorate the Larnsti, Broyan called up the Hidden Kings of the Vingkotlings, who have no heirs. Broyan cannot have any heirs until the Vingkotling kingdom is reestablished.  

Basically, Broyan gets the magical power to remain unconquered and free - as did the Hidden Kings and Hendreik. That power comes at a price - no heirs. As long as his people are threatened by conquest, he cannot lay down these powers.  

It would make him a tragic and noble figure, and goes along with the overall theme of sacrifice that Broyan should have. His bloodline is doomed - sacrificed to protect his people's freedom.  

 > I don't think we want him vowed not to marry until
 > he's done something, if only because Kallyr's already
 > taken that position, and two of them at it (or rather,
 > not at it!) would be boring.

I don't think it is a voluntary vow. I think that it is a Curse that comes from one of his heroquesting. If so, he simply can't marry - the magic won't work. The alternative is that he is married but has no children and is cursed from having any heirs. He should not be a normal king.  


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