RE: Re: Broyan's family

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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 00:04:52 GMT

In message <76A70B6DD07A2647A5D0DE90DDB1BA1B02D7FD68_at_...> "Jeff Richard" writes:

>I don't think it is a voluntary vow. I think that it is a Curse that
>comes from one of his heroquesting. If so, he simply can't marry - the
>magic won't work. The alternative is that he is married but has no
>children and is cursed from having any heirs. He should not be a
>normal king.

In the latter case, did his wife know when she married him? Is she happy to have no children? Perhaps she has children which aren't his, Does he realise? Perhaps she has really fallen out with him and defects to the Lunars taking the child he thinks is his heir.

Donald Oddy

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