Possible girlfriend for Broyan

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 15:13:33 -0000

Melisande De la Court is a 19 Esvulari woman. Passionate, stubborn and tempestuous she has never fit easily into the standard Esvulari model for a woman. She has a long history of doing things that have turned her widowed father (Lord Maran De la Court) hair prematurely gray. He had despaired of ever finding a proper husband for her but finally found one in Sir Estes Am Der Mar, a noted jouster who is well known for the size and insertion depth of the stick up his arse. (Sir Estes attraction to Melisande's great tracts of land overwhelmed his irritation at her poor track record of proper behaviour).

Lord Maran and Melisande had travelled to a joust where she was to meet her husband. To say they didn't hit it off well is a gross understatement. Unfortunately for Lord Maran and Sir Estes Melisande slipped her handlers and wandered off. While wandering she ran into a certain barbarian king, there to see the jousting, and the pair were smitten. So of course she ran off with the bloke, shaming all parties involved (well except Melisande and Broyan of course). So Melisande and her old nurse maid (has to be one of course) left the joust early and she (not the old nurse maid) and Broyan have been inseprable ever since. They cannot marry because Melisande insists on a proper church wedding so they're just shacked up together in an arrangement that no one recognizes as proper.

Melisande is not a warrior type and unfortunately brings little in the way of useful skills to the situation. She is willing to learn and loves Broyan passionately. He reciprocates but is a tad paternalistic towards her, well he was but he's gotten over that. She's not a crier when she's mad, she's a thrower!

Sir Estes, the scorned suitor is outraged and of course has vowed revenge (the other knights won't stop snickering) so he's joined the Lunar forces beseiging Whitewall. Lord Maran? Has he washed his hands of his daughter or is he there with Sir Estes?

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