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Here's my concern about giving any children: they might survive. Thematically it is important that Broyan is the Last King of Heortland. He will do remarkable things and set into motion things that forever change the Heortlings - but his line must die with him.

This also gives the detachment to take the insane gamble that he does. There's a great (unpublished) story about Lokamayadon's detachment that I think Broyan shares.

I like the Year Wives though.

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> Initial thought: Scratch any Heortling hero and you
> find a kinship network.
> Doubly so for a man on the move like Broyan: for
> tanists aiming for High
> King, marriage alliance is part of the toolkit.

This was my thought. We already have one major leader being Weird by not having kin, and one is quite enough. Give Broyan his "no heir" curse, and plenty of ways in which it can manifest, that's quite enough and gives room for drama.

> I'd like to have a few of Broyan's younger brothers
> involved in the siege,
> if only so we can kill 'em off at existential
> moments.

Yep. Heros on our side. Traitors on the Lunar side. "I just killed a Lunar general!" "Er, great.... that was my eldest son!"

Hostages. "Surrender Whitewall or the kid gets it" "Won't."
Oops, there goes another heir...

> His current wife is a part of a
> key alliance deal, and there's no love lost between
> them. She's TERRIFYING
> though, gives dishthanes heart attacks and runs the
> King's Household like an ogress.

I like! And I suspect she refuses to leave, and is one of the 23 bodies.

> And Broyan should have a current girlfriend, a self
> opinionated hero-type
> advisor who can make full use of executive access.

Could this be Leika?

The civilians being got out at the end should of course include Broyan's last surviving heir. Who, equally of course, isn't going to make it. (Kallyr screws up again? Adds a bit more interest to that relationship and may give her enough of a kick to take the job seriously?)

Jane Williams

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