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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 10:56:57 -0800

> > Is our principle reason for wanting Broyan to have
> > kids to distinguish him from Kallyr?
> No, it's so one of the major players has dependent kin
> to be taken as hostages, and non-dependent kin to be
> killed heroically on the Orlanthi side or killed
> non-heroically on the Lunar side (traitors! but if
> your dad was ready to sacrifice you, what would you
> do?)

Remember we always have bloodline members. Even Broyan (in my version) and Kallyr (in yours) have kinfolk to be taken hostage. We have clan members and tribal members as well.  

> Personally, I think it will be much more important to
> distinguish Leika and Kallyr (gee, two Vingan > Sartarite queens both exiled to Whitewall).
> You're right.
> And I seem to remember Leika has been given kin:
> brothers, at least. There's one point of difference. I
> don't know much about Leika's romantic inclinations,
> but that's potentially another.

In my campaign, Leika has lots of kin. She's a member of the leading bloodline of the Taraling clan (which includes Kallai, Kangarl, Darsten and Torkel). She's involved in kinstrife between her and her cousin Kangarl. In 1615, the Taralings are torn apart by Blackmoor's "coup". The kinstrife issue should dog and trouble Leika.  

> > Sure. I've been leaving open some wiggle room in my
> > write-up - Broyan
> > has children but does not acknowledge them. They
> > remain with his former year wives or girlfriends.
> OK, he can still be fond of them, leaving the drama
> available.

Works for me. I just don't want a "hidden heir of Broyan" subplot. We've got that plenty with the House of Sartar.

> > We've got him sacrificing his clan, his followers,
> > his companions and
> > his lovers. Let's add offspring to the list.
> I must have missed the lovers. But yes. Let's.

Lovers are his girlfriends and bedcompanions.  


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