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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 12:10:34 -0800

> OiD AFAIK tells us nothing about Kallyr's kin. Nor
> does any of the HQ/HW stuff. I did my original work
> based on KoS, WFP, and so on: the older sources. We do
> now know from OiD that she spent a lot of time working
> with the Culbrea, which confirms my thought that she
> had no clan in the Kheldon to go back to.

Works for me. Must have been a pretty small clan.:)  

> Remember, the Lunars did their best to wipe out every
> trace of the Sartar Royal House. She's good at
> escaping: looks like the rest of her kin weren't.

Quite a few distant relatives of the Sartar Royal House survived though. One complaint that the several Colymar elders had about Kallyr is that even prior to 1613, she loudly boasted of her descent from the House of Sartar. Good King Kallai thought she was contemptible and a braggart - the tribes should look to the Colymar for leadership, not some boasting Vingan. Kangarl thinks she is a poor warleader (he fought with her during Starbrow's Rebellion) and an empty-headed fool.  

BTW, in my game, there are distant descendents of Saronil living on the Starfire Ridge in the Orlmarth clan (my potential Argrathi). They are quite silent about their matrilineal lineage although it is known to most of the Woodpeckers.  

> > Great - I don't know how to work it in yet, but it
> > should be there somewhere.
> Over to those who know her kin problems better. How
> many of them can we get into Whitewall, and on what
> side?

I think that quite a few Colymar make it to Whitewall - I'm pretty sure my players will. Between 1615 and 1619, there have been numerous rebellions against Blackmoor - the Orlmarth, Ernaldori and Anmangarn rebel in late 1615 over Blackmoor's "coup" (and more importantly the Lunar affiliation) - this cause quite a lot of kinstrife within the Colymar. The next year, Blackmoor purges the clans of Leika's supporters. The Black Oak are formed in 1618 - presumably that causes conflict as well.  

Leika's presence makes WW a natural stronghold for outlawed Colymar. Much like the Norwegian kings were natural refuges for outlawed Icelanders. I imagine that there are probably around 50 to 100 Colymar at WW, maybe more. They will tend to acknowledge Leika as their leader (although many probably dislike her and view her as weak). They will generally not trust Kallyr and some might acknowledge distant ritual kinship with Broyan. They hate the Lunars and should be deeply involved in the Bat-Blat (it is hard to imagine how much damage the Crimson Bat did to some of the Colymar clans). During the year of miracles, they probably made up the bulk of the Heortling defenders.  

Kangarl is probably not involved - at least initially. He dislikes Fazzur - remember Blackmoor was a key player in Starbrow's Rebellion. I have Kangarl being allied with Andrega Silverflame (which ties into Kallyr's history - Andrega nearly killed Kallyr in 1602) and I think he is a strong supporter of Tatius the Bright. Once Tatius comes into play, Kangarl may as well (although he probably doesn't like leaving Colymarlands for any length of time - too much potential for rebellion). Kangarl should be a very very very dangerous foe for the defenders - someone who can figure out what the defenders are actually doing. He also knows Kallyr's tactics and fighting techniques - and I think he is a better military leader and tactician than Kallyr. Fortunately, it is dangerous for Kangarl to leave Colymarlands (in my game, he has failed to incorporate the Black Spear as part of his regalia - it may be at WW).  

Does that help?  


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