Re: Scathach the Iron Shrew

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:59:04 -0000

> Melisande (I'll add my voice for a name change) is supposed to be
> lover, not his year wife. That's Scathach the Iron Shrew, current
> stead-mistress of Whitewall.

While I think Scathach is a very fine name indeed, and very *apt* -  'she who strikes fear', I wonder if the structural similarities to the original owner might not cause confusion? Or should we run with them and even expand on the mythic similarities?

Original was lover to a hero, at least for a few nights. Check.

Sword Mistress who taught many heroes. Hmmmmm.

Prophetess of gloom and doom, given to pronouncing the deaths of warriors in chilling detail. Possibilities... that's another reason she's so fearful.

At war with a warrior woman (Aoife). Definitely!!!!!

Suggest we give her a more balanced epiphet. People may well call her the Iron Shrew, but I don't see the (terrifying!) year wife of a king choosing that sort of handle for herself. Unless there's a cult connection I don't see?

Ernalda Queen. Orendana? Kev??! Perhaps a Mabhish casttle queen??  

Scathach the Cupbearer? Scathatch Silverherds? Scathatch Cold Comfort? Scathach IllOmen? Scathach (irony) the Gentle?

Definitely one for Wiki Wiki once its back up. Which it is now...


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