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>I had 90%: OK, same dramatic impact. Given that most
>units break and run before 30%.
>For the rest of you: we're talking about a bunch of
>Humakti, if you hadn't guessed, with add-on weirdos
>and ducks. Could well be the mob who hit the
>Shargashi, and undoubtedly spent some time at
>Tarkalor's Gate, or that nasty breach in the wall
>(maybe within 10 sec of it being formed? just kick
>that Bat out of it first...). We know were were there
>for the Bat. But ground-based.

I don't think we want more than one band of about a hundred Humatki - there's less than a thousand defenders most of the time, and how many Humatki are there in Dragon Pass anyway?

I envisage very high casualties in the fight against the Shargashi, although some will only be temporarily disabled. My guess is that they leave simply because they are no longer an effective fighting unit. There's a delay while their wounded recover sufficently to travel so they're still around when the bat attacks. I'm not sure why there should be some sort of disgrace, perhaps the fact that some Shargashi escaped back though hell offends the Humatki sense of honour.

Another thought, perhaps they were employed to protect Broyan's heir and the Shargashi attacked the palace and killed the child. If there had been a prophesy that Whitewall would not fall while the child was alive the Humatki failure would be seen as causing the fall of the city.

Donald Oddy

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