RE: Kallyr's family: White Quartz

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:10:50 +1100


> The Pavis boxed set for RQII doesn't give a specific date
> there is a reference to the campaign being about 1617 to 1620.

Yipsa. My original plot had Cradledaughter (post-Cradle) coming to the Tovtaros as a Kallyr recruiter around 1618-19.

Cradle is now set as 1621.

Helden generally is a RQ document. It was written in 1994 (gasp), and updated for the Germans when HW came out. The cults, the allied spirits, even the combat styles are not the way I'd describe them nowadays if I was rewriting from scratch. Which is one of the reasons I started my personal Kallyrkarla/Whitewall explorations in the first place. :)

As a description of the politics of the Alda Churi, and of one possible path for Kallyr's kingship, Sword Hill, and even one of the Argraths/Arkats, I'd like to think it is still as valid as it ever was.



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