Re: Supplies; Smugglers; Ornol Quicktongue

From: pedrodevaca <pavis_gm_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 01:24:43 -0000

> Lovely, Mitch!
> Ornol Quicktongue was my personal addition to that
> book (since Optimus Maximus Ian Thompson allowed me to
> contribute).

Oh Neato!

> He is a recurring NPC in my campaign.
> He loves to smuggle things for Sartarite exiles in
> Pavis, so why not placing him and his merry band
> behind the curtains of Whitewall symphonic stage?

So in Legacy or Shadows of Pavis (I forget which) they mention Ornol's original clan being involved in smuggling supplies to the besieged forces in Whitewall.

Was the backstory developed sufficiently to have a good idea of how Ornol was succeeding and what his actual markets were?

As things are developing now, it seems that Whitewall will be difficult or nearly impossible to resupply covertly. However, if there is a troll that would deal with ducks, Ornol would be the one.

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