Army of the Dead and the Hidden Kings

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 18:32:26 -0800

I am thinking that the Army of the Dead fight for the WW defenders in Darkness 1621 and are composed o the Immortal Royal Guardians of the Heortling High Kings.

Here's some stuff that Greg and I wrote for Enclosure:

Following the Sword and Helm saga, the Kodigvari are decimated. A very few members of that sacred royal clan survive the tragedy. All the world was unraveled, and the Chaos Wars rage in ice and darkness. These terrible tales speak of foes who change shape and changed the shape of the world. Two kings, Jardfor and his son Kogall hide from the death of the world. Thet resort to shapeshifting in order to survive and are aided by the last honorable men in the world.

The Hidden Kings saga is a grim and depressing tale. Men call out to the gods, but get no reply. The world is doomed, yet by the power of the Second Son, men summon the inner strength to continue the hopeless task of survival. Many of the most introspective lays in Orlanthi poetry are attributed to the Hidden Kings.

Seems to me that there are some good parallels between the HK saga and the last year of WW.

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