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For what it is worth, I think we have too many prominent vingans just with Kallyr and Leika. Let's not add another if we can avoid it.

Like Jane, I like Oliver's writeup - is there anyway she can be rewritten as a nonvingan (maybe she used to be Bevaran?)?


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>There's a thread on Wiki about Scathach.

I'll have a look.

>I like the general feel of Oliver's character, but do we need another
>Vingan? If Broyan has a habit of taking year-wives for alliance purposes,
>Scathach is most likely the sister or daughter of a needed ally among the
>Volsaxi or nearby. I suppose she could be a Vingan tribal leader, but then
>its unlikely she's be a 'mere' steadmistress. I've previously suggested
>mainstream Ernalda - Orendana with perhaps a low-level Kev gift. And she
>should be cattle rich.

I took it that she had been a Vingian rather than she still was. Even so I agree there seem to be a lot around. She probably has to be Orendana now but that could be more duty than inclination and she would prefer Orane. I don't think she has a Kev gift, her ability is more "Know Husband" or "Know Menfolk". So when all about her are celebrating the Bat Blat she just knows that the Lunars will do anything necessary to avenge it.

>In fact, it could be her herds that prompted her alliance/marriage. If so,
>what did she get of this - either personally or for her family?

I don't think she got anything out of it personally apart from a title she didn't want. Her family probably got Broyan's influence in some deal or lawsuit - he was now kin.

>As for her *real* name, I've previously suggested Scathach the Cupbearer,
>which has all sorts of overtones. Not that anyone ever calls her that,
>except to her face.

I think they call her "Queen Scathach" in her presence, she doesn't have a polite nickname.

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