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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:56:14 +1300

At 07:37 AM 3/14/04 -0800, you wrote:

> > I don't think any of the kings were Esvulari because the
> > Malkioni weren't appointed as Sheriffs and Nobles until after
> Rikard's
> > ascension. Prior to that the Malkioni were excluded from
> > such offices.
> Hmmm. I read what few sources are out there as being internally
>contradictory on this issue.

They are not.

> Frex, "Yet with hindsight, the sheriffs
>were not fully-fledged Larnsti for they could only change the clans in
>one way - by adopting Malkioni ways".

That refers to customs like having knights instead of thanes and not religion. Even Heroquest Voices says "[The Lunars] smile sweetly and appoint our knights as Sheriffs throughout Heortland and even Southern Sartar" (p16) reinforcing the Glorantha: Intro statement that this has not been done before.

>One of the things
>I'd like the kings list to do is have a curious lack of references to
>events outside of the Holy Country - which seems appropriate since
>despite its great population and wealth, Heortland just has not been
>much of a player in Sartar (except as a source of emigrants) and Prax
>(except for Knight's Fort).

I feel that some references are necessary. The tribulations of the Volsaxar at the hands of the Kitori should be noteworthy. The destruction of so many people at the hands of the Kralori (shades of the Sicilian Expedition) should be noteworthy.

> > The limits of the Sixths having been marked out, they
> > experiment with philosophies from other sixths in order to
> > explore their own element. Heortland takes upon Malkioni
> > customs from God Forgot while the practices of other
> > sixths are less marked but still discernable. This widens
> > the gulf between the Sixths and their corresponding rebel
> > reservations although Harmony still persists.

> Here's where the use of the word "Malkioni" starts tripping us
>up. We've got our own homebrewed Heortlending Malkionism - the Esvulari
>Aeolians - and we've got the God Forgot atheist sorcerers.

The Esvulari are not the only Malkioni in Heortland. Greg saw the Malkioni of Heortland as being riddled with half-a-dozen churches significantly represented. Suggestions of a loose pharaonic church were made, including Rokari (and they are there long before the Opening).

More important is the elemental nature of the Sixths. Heortland is supposed to be the Land of Storm. If the leadership of Heortland are Malkioni instead, then the Pharaoh is not going to be very happy. One could argue that towards the end, the pharaonic scheme is politically unsustainable with the Aeolians and others demanding a fairer deal when the Pharaoh goes. This is why Heortland quickly turns to custard.

--Peter Metcalfe

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