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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 22:34:37 -0800

Chris - this is the sort of exploration of Orlanthi myth and history that we should be doing since that is exactly what the defenders will be doing. I think Peter is right - no Larnsti in Sartar - but that does not mean that Tarkalor was not aided by the Larnsti in liberating Volsaxiland from Kitori oppression. Or maybe the reverse could be true (at least from their POV) Tarkalor helped the Larnsti free Volsaxiland.

> >What are the major sources on Hardrad the Green and
> >Hendreik the Free?
> Hardrad the Green is mentioned in Barbarian Adventures
> p9 and that's about it. Hendreik is mentioned in the
> Glorantha: Intro p142-143 and Storm Tribe p236.

        Hardard the Green is also in DP:LoT. Hendreik and his tribe are obliquely referred to in some versions of Harmastssaga (as the rebel tribe of the Steal Woods) but that is hardly a common source.          


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