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>Now go back in time. Tarkalor is descended from
>Sartar, a Larnsti from the Hendriki tribe. Suppose
>that Sartar brought some Larnsti with him, perhaps
>because he knew that they were important in
>maintaining the liberties of his people.

Except that Larnsti cannot leave Heortland and there is only one known exception.

>Apparently Arkat called out a bunch of silver age
>heroes to fight for him -- Heort, Tessele, and
>Vogarth. Are they among the legion of dead heroes

I doubt it as they would be too powerful as a mere unit. I assume any hero can be called upon to fight like the Twin Stars do for the Lunar Empire and Jaldon does for Prax.

>What are the major sources on Hardrad the Green and
>Hendreik the Free?

Hardrad the Green is mentioned in Barbarian Adventures p9 and that's about it. Hendreik is mentioned in the Glorantha: Intro p142-143 and Storm Tribe p236.

--Peter Metcalfe

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