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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 20:41:08 -0800 (PST)

Hm. I re-read relevant portions of KoS, Enclosure 1 and 2, and the History of the Kingdon of Night in Tradetalk 4.

One reason struck me why Broyan could legitimately be both Larnsti and Vingkotling. The Volsaxi tribe was formed when Tarkalor decided he did not like the Kitori -- a tribe of humans, uz, and perhaps others that were darkness-oriented. Tarkalor apparently used two elements -- solar types who eventually became Sun Domers and the tributary tribes of the Kitori, who mostly became the Volsaxi.

Now go back in time. Tarkalor is descended from Sartar, a Larnsti from the Hendriki tribe. Suppose that Sartar brought some Larnsti with him, perhaps because he knew that they were important in maintaining the liberties of his people. Suppose further, that, when Tarkalor created Volsaxiland, he helped out by sending some of his Larnsti. It strikes me as odd that he did not simply add Volsaxiland to Sartar, as he later did the Far Point. Perhaps his Larnsti told him he could not and they stayed there. So, that gives a semi-native smallish group of Larnsti associated with the Volsaxi kingship. One nice point of this is that, if anything is later published about Larnsti that contradicts how ours behave, we can chalk it up to historical divergence: "Well, of course MOST Larnsti behave that way, but we were talking about the Larnsti who left with Sartar, then left his heir to go to Volsaxiland."

Now, to link it to a Vingkotling tradition: It seems a little natural that, over time, a tribe sandwiched between trolls and sun domers would find it wise to worship the king that had fought them both. It might even be the default warrior cult among the Volsaxi. Only later would Broyan explore the deeper aspects of Vingkotling kingship and be faced with any tensions between Larnsti liberty and Vingkotling kingship and with the choice between the paths of the Hidden Kings and Heort.

So, a Volsaxi king could naturally be both a Larnsti and a Vingkotling.

A few minor notes from reading Tradetalk 4:

Apparently Arkat called out a bunch of silver age heroes to fight for him -- Heort, Tessele, and Vogarth. Are they among the legion of dead heroes thingie?

Smithstone, downstream from Whitewall, apparently "provided the white quartzite which makes the facing of Whitewall so impressive".

What are the major sources on Hardrad the Green and Hendreik the Free?

Chris Lemens

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