From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 08:04:39 -0800

> Thanks Jeff. Yes, absolutely. Emphasis on a darker, grittier, more
complex character was the aim, and well as upon the necessary moral ambiguity of war (especially when you're losing, like Broyan).  

Jonathan - I like darker, grittier, more complex characters. As Dave can probably attest - I don't think my players have ever encountered a paragon of virtue (Mad-Blood Malan? Old Man Varmand? Rastalulf Vanak Spear?)  

I think that it is very important, however, that we keep Broyan to be someone who can inspire ordinary Orlanthi to do impossible deeds. Even his flaws should be virtues in a way - he's violent and killed a man in an assembly for slighting his dedication and honor. Many ordinary Orlanthi respect that - especially when Broyan says that "by slighting me, he was slandering you". His anger is a powerful storm - and he has killed men out of anger - but it is proof of his heroic nature. He's stubborn and anachronistic - but his followers know that he won't abandon them. And so on.  

It must drive the Lunars nuts - this violent, half-crazed warlord somehow inspires his men to feats of courage that rival the Household of Death. Except they are by and large ordinary Orlanthi and failed rebels!  


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